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02:53 PM, September 21, 2016
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon travels in MA60 aircraft (Image: AVIC)

On September 2, the MA60 successfully completed a VIP service for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Sri Lanka.

To be extra safe, the Fast Response Center of AVIC XAC’s Civil Aircraft Service Department opened the APP application to ensure 24-hours communications for the service team, AVIC said in a statement.

At 11:55AM (14:25 Beijing time) on September 2, Ban Ki-moon stepped onto the MA60 and flew, as scheduled, to Jaffna, a city in northern Sri Lanka, for an inspection of post-war reconstruction and Tamil human rights. At 18:00 (20:30 Beijing time) on the same day, Ban Ki-moon returned, once more by an MA60, to Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital. The VIP mission was successfully completed.

The 2 MA60s were delivered to Sri Lanka in September, 2011. After the delivery, the planes have been maintained in excellent condition. They have now returned to normal flight operations and special missions.

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