About Us

Launched in 2003, defenseworld.net has grown into one of the most prominent defence and aerospace news portals in the world. Our focused reportage of defence procurement matters besides the coverage of exhibitions and conferences in the defence sector has attracted and retained readers which include procurement officials, industry executives and other key elements of the defence industry chain.

How is Defenseworld.net Different?

Defenseworld.net specializes in being the first to report on defence contracts and procurements as they happen in any country in the world. Our team of 5 editorial staff scans through press releases by companies and information given out by Ministries of Defence. We then publish the relevant news from the perspective of our readers.

Research Articles and Interviews

The news that we gather and report is further value-added by follow-up interviews with defence professionals. In addition, we do well-researched articles on defence equipment, procurement programs and key markets.


A bi-weekly defense procurement newsletter reaches out to 8000 opt-in subscribers, a majority of whom are from the defense staff and government agencies all over the world.

How Can You Benefit from Defenseworld.net

Whether you are planning to seek details of the regional defense market or want to track the activities of competitors or a full rundown of a sub-sector on a continuous basis, Defenseworld.net will bring you historical data as well the current updated information to help in your decision-making.

Defense World team

We are a group of persons with over 17 years experience in the defense publishing industry.