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06:01 PM, December 30, 2016
Aermacchi M-345 trainer aircraft

Leonardo-Finmeccanica's Aermacchi M-345HET (High Efficiency Trainer) two-seat basic jet trainer has completed its first flight Thursday

The test flight of the prototype was taken from Venegono Superiore airfield (Varese, Italy) on December 29. The aircraft was flown by Quirino Bucci and Giacomo Iannelli.

Quirino Bucci, Project Test Pilot Trainers of Leonardo Aircraft Division said, “The engine in particular demonstrated a great capacity to react to regime changes, which is a fundamental characteristic for a basic training aircraft.”

The M-345 is the latest-generation aircraft from Leonardo for military pilot training and provides global Air Forces with an economically affordable and effective solution, thanks to a significant reduction in acquisition and life-cycle costs compared to those of powerful turboprop trainer aircraft.

The test campaign will be completed within 2017.

The next tests will check the advanced avionics systems, the engine and the flight envelope expansion, including altitude, speed and manoeuvrability.

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