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11:52 AM, February 14, 2017
G-CLAW (Image: Textron Systems)

Textron has tested G-CLAW, the company’s precision guided glide weapon, against moving targets.

The flight tests, which occurred in October 2016, took place at Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona. The Weapon & Sensor Systems team conducted the G-CLAW precision guided weapon flight tests from a Cessna Caravan, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

G-CLAW demonstrated engagement of static and moving targets within one meter circular error probable (CEP). The weapon engaged static and moving targets by transferring navigation from a GPS-aided inertial navigation system to the Semi-Active Laser (SAL) sensor for terminal guidance. The test results verified end-to-end guidance through successful engagement of an off-axis target greater than 2 kilometers downrange from the aircraft.

The G-CLAW precision guided glide weapon system incorporates tri-mode fuzing (Height of Burst, Impact, Delay) to optimize effects against a broad target set. G-CLAW is designed with modularity to support rapid incorporation of emerging technologies in guidance, seekers and warhead effects. It can be adapted to changing mission requirements at minimum development cost.

G-CLAW can be integrated onto an array of aircraft including the Cessna Caravan and Textron AirLand Scorpion jet, as well as innovative launch systems such as the Common Launch Tube (CLT), utilizing a roll-on/roll-off Battle Management Systems (BMS).

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