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07:40 AM, March 17, 2017
Russia Readies New Early Radar Warning Aircraft For Testing In July

Russia’s next generation early radar warning aircraft, Beriyev A-100 Premier “flying radar”, will begin testing this July.

"The Beriyev R & D Group in Taganrog (Russian acronym TANTK) is one of the parties engaged in the development of the early radar warning complex," Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Yuri Borisov told TASS Thursday after a tour of the production facility. "This a priority on the state program for armaments. I can tell you all the works are in progress strictly on schedule and we'll get down to state trial testing in July," Borisov said.

A-100 is a new generation of early radar warning and control aircraft that have the task of tracking and escorting aerial targets and surface ships, as well as alerting command centers to changes in the aerial and naval situation.

A-100 Premiers can also be used for control over fight jets and strike aircraft in the process of homing onto aerial, ground and maritime targets or perform the functions of a command center.

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