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09:35 AM, September 26, 2017
Bangladesh Army Seeks 155mm Light-weight, Heli-portable Howitzers

The Bangladesh Army is seeking light-weight towed howitzers that are helicopter portable in view of standardizing the 155mm calibre artillery systems.

Bangladesh Military Forces website bdmilitary.com reported last week that Artillery Directorate is looking at brochures and catalogues to acquire an unidentified number of 155mm light-weight towed howitzers.

According to the report, the army turned down the offer of Panter 155mm howitzers, an 18,000kg gun system, by Turkey’s MKEK due to weight issues. Instead, the army is looking for heli-portable howitzers that can be transported by C-130 transport plane.

Bangladesh Army currently has 18 units of Serbia-origin Nora B-52 K2 155mm self-propelled gun-howitzer, in addition to its home-grown Type 62 Self-propelled howitzers.

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