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01:12 PM, November 14, 2017
Romanian-German JV To Build 400 'Agilis' Armored Vehicles Under EUR 234M Deal

Romania will likely award a contract worth EUR 234 million to Germany's Rheinmetall for producing 8×8 armored vehicle 'Agilis' at Moreni, in Southern Romania.

Thorsten Kutz, board member of the joint venture between the Romanian state and the German company, told in an interview with Hotnews.ro. that the contract expected to be signed soon will develop 400 Agilis vehicles for the next three years. The German firm will also offer maintenance services from its Romania site until 2055.

The German company also wants to build at its Moreni factory military trucks and other products for its international client, as well as a 30-mm cannon to be installed on the Agilis carrier.

Last year, Rheinmetall entered into a partnership agreement with a local factory to manufacture armoured personnel carriers 8×8 as part of the national defence industry. Each shareholder owns a stake of 50% in the newly set up firm Romanian Military Vehicle Systems.

According to the report, 90% of the components for the 8×8 armored vehicles will be made in Romania, with the engine and driveline coming from abroad.

According to local media reports, Romanian Army needs 600 to 800 APCs. Besides the 8×8 carriers, the Army would need 4×4 carriers that may also be manufactured by the newly set up joint venture.