Rafael, Raytheon To Produce New Patriot Missile Systems

Image about Rafael, Raytheon To Produce New Patriot Missile Systems

Israel’s Rafael plans to integrate the jointly funded US-Israel Stunner missile into a fourth-generation Patriot intercepting system with Raytheon, according to Defense News.

The new Patriot Advanced Affordable Capability-4 (PAAC-4) system aims to integrate the new Stunner interceptor developed under David’s Sling program with Raytheon’s Patriot PAC-3 radars, launchers and engagement control stations.

Under the PAAC-4 plan, the two-stage, multimode seeking Stunner would replace single-stage, radar-guided PAC-3 missiles.

Stunner-based PAAC-4 interceptors will offer improved operational performance at some 20 percent of the estimated $2 million unit cost of the Lockheed-built PAC-3 missiles.

Both the firms are expecting some $20 million funding to demonstrate cost and performance claims through a prototype PAAC-4 system, according to the report.

The Israeli program official was quoted by Defense News saying that an existing teaming agreement between Raytheon and Rafael will have at least 60 percent of the Stunner missile to be produced in the U.S.

A Pentagon official also confirmed in the Defense News report that the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and the U.S. Army were considering use of the joint Stunner for future U.S. military requirements with primary focus is to achieve initial operational capability of DSWS [David’s Sling Weapon System] in support of Israeli requirements.