Indian Army Develops New Human Resource Management Software

Image about Indian Army Develops New Human Resource Management Software

The Indian Army and HCL has co-developed a software application, dubbed human resource management system (HRMS 2.0) designed to make various administrative functions integrated and web-enabled by being lodged in the servers of the unit level formations.

Unveiled at the army commanders’ conference that concluded on Saturday, HRMS 2.0 has been designed to seamlessly integrate with ARPAN 3.0 (Record Office Auto Package), DOLPHIN PAO auto application (pay and accounts for other ranks), the Adjutant General’s branch and the Military Secretary’s branch etc.

The Army Software Development Centre (ASDC), under the directorate general information systems (DGIS), is tasked for development and fielding of unit level auto application for unit level army-wide deployment. Between 2000 and 2008, phase one of the applications include HR suite, Kuber (accounts package), Office Management Package (OMP) and MLSS (Military Legal Special Systems). But none of them were web-enabled and were built for client server based architecture.

It performs a large number of functions like human resource related functions like manpower details, personal documentation, unit administration and training publications etc, besides various reports and returns.

It also automates documentation process of ledger maintenance, local purchase, closing of accounts, surprise checks, profit distribution and auditing.