Egypt To Buy 50 Ka-52 Helicopter From Russia

Image about Egypt To Buy 50 Ka-52 Helicopter From Russia

Russia and Egypt have reportedly signed a deal for the 50 Ka-52 helicopters possibly meant to be stationed on the Mistral carrier.

“An agreement on the supplies of fifty Ka-52 helicopters has been signed,” Tass quoted an unnamed source as saying Thursday. “If the Egyptian side finds it necessary, the sea-based version of the helicopters will be supplied.”

The helicopters were meant for the Russian Mistral carriers. Paris refused to deliver the two mistral carriers after US and allied European countries imposed sanctions against Moscow in regard to Ukraine conflicts. France had to pay US $1.3 billion in compensation for the cancellation.

Egypt has agreed to buy both the French Mistral helicopter carriers that were meant for Russia, the French President’s office confirmed on Wednesday. reported Wednesday that Russia may stand to bag an order for the Kamov helicopters exclusively built to be operated on the Mistral carrier. If Cairo were to retrofit the electronics and communication systems on board the carrier to suit western-made helicopters, then the cost would escalate to several times it original cost.