Belarus Receives Fourth Battalion Of S-300 PS Air Defense Systems

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Russia has delivered the fourth battalion of the S-300 PS air defense system to the Air Force and air defense units of Belarus, the Belarusian news agency reported.

“All in all Belarus has received four air defense missile battalions on the disinterested basis from Russia. Three of them had undergone overhaul in Russia, and one, in Belarus,” the Belarusian news agency BeltTA quotes the commander of the Belarusian Air Force and Air Defense, Major-General Oleg Dvigalyov as saying.

“The battalion has undergone the full preparation cycle. In August, we plan to take it to the Ashuluk test site for firing practice. We hope for good results,” Dvigalyov said, adding that the upgraded S-300 PS system will enter duty on May 6.

Two of the four S-300 battalions provided by Russia will be stationed in the Polotsk district and the two others in the Grodno and Brest regions.

“Our air defense system is rather developed. It undergoes continued upgrade. We are part and parcel of the integrated regional air defense system of Belarus and Russia,” Dvigalyov added.