India, Netherlands & Spain to Receive Raytheon’s 155 mm Excalibur Guided Projectiles

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Raytheon is awarded a U.S. Army contract to procure 155 mm Excalibur Increment Ib projectiles for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) to India and Spain.

The FMS contracts for India, Spain and the Netherlands is worth $9.17 million, $9.14 million and $20.3 million respectively. The quantity of the Excalibur rounds was not specified in a Pentagon contract announcement Monday.

Excalibur Increment 1b is a precision-guided, extended‑range, 155-millimeter unitary, high-explosive artillery projectile. It is fin-stabilized and glides to a target. The Excalibur uses GPS and an Inertial Measurement Unit to attack point targets with accuracy of less than 10 meters from the desired aim point (in an unjammed environment).

The Excalibur lb is used by several Western militaries in artillery and howitzer systems, including the American M109 Paladin self-propelled howitzer.

The Indian Army acquired 155mm Excalibur artillery ammunition from the U.S. in 2019. In the same year, the army fired precision-guided Excalibur ammunition using the M777 Ultra Light Howitzer for the first time.