Russia Develops Advanced Anti-Radar Missile For 5th-generation PAK FA Jet

Russia Develops Advanced Anti-Radar Missile For 5th-generation PAK FA Jet

Russia’s Tactical Missiles Corporation has developed an advanced anti-radar missile Kh-58UShK for the fifth-generation T-50 PAK FA (Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation) fighter jet.

Now the advanced Anti radar missile can be carried by T-50 PAK FA fighter jet, Russia Beyond The Headlines quoted Tass’ report Monday.

Corporation First Deputy CEO Vladimir Yarmolyuk said, the Kh-58UShK missile has folding airfoils to be carried inside “the T-50 fighter jet, in the first place.”

Simultaneously the missile can be attached to weapon stations of other planes, TASS at the 11th Airshow China 2016 exhibition said.

“This is a derivative of the Kh-58USh anti-radar missile, which was delivered in large quantities earlier,” Yarmolyuk said.

“The missile’s homing head and other characteristics, in particular, the data library of radars, make it close to the Kh-31PD [AS-17 Krypton] anti-radar missile,” he added.

“These missiles are mutually complementary. The advanced missile has good prospects and I believe it will be delivered for many countries,” the deputy CEO said.

The Kh-58 (Kilter) is a Soviet anti-radiation missile with a range of 120 km.Its variant Kh-58UShKE is antiradar missile of suppressed fuselage and external location with wide range (A, A1, B, B1, C) passive radar homing head, navigation system and automatic control based on platform free navigation system.

The missile is designed to engage ground radar stations operating in pulse emitting mode within the bearing range from 1.2 to 11 GHs and continuous emitting mode with range A.

Moreover, it can be operated both from the advanced aircraft external suspension points equipped with target designating system and AKU-58 type aircraft ejection system as well as from suppressed fuselage suspension points (from UVKU-50 ejection).