Turkey Offers Fast Attack Missile Boat FAC-55 To Pakistan

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Turkey is offering its newest Fast Attack Craft, ‘FAC-55’ to Pakistan Navy.

The Turkish shipbuilder Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. (STM) which introduced the new FAC-55 to Qatar and Azerbaijan earlier this year is pitching the FAC to Pakistan which is seeking four to six missile boats for its Navy.

“The monohull vessel, FAC-55, designed by STM under the Turkish Naval Forces Fast Attack Craft Project, has made its debut in Pakistan. STM, which implemented the ‘Navy Fleet Replenishment Ship and ‘Submarine Modernization Project’ with the Pakistani Naval Force and has appended its signature to successful projects in Pakistan, has drawn interest from the Pakistani Naval Forces with its new high speed Fast Attack Craft, ‘FAC-55’, which was completely designed nationally, like the MİLGEM Corvettes,” the company said in a statement Monday.

After two years of continuous design work and test results, the FAC-55 has displayed a performance beyond expectations and will be a strong candidate for the Turkish Naval Forces Fast Attack Craft Project in the near future.

While already being the subject of interest in Pakistan, the FAC-55 is also being followed with great interest by other countries.