India to Buy 200 Missiles For Russian Kvadrat Self Propelled Air Defence System

Image about India to Buy 200 Missiles For Russian Kvadrat Self Propelled Air Defence System

India has planned to buy hundreds of Missiles for Russian Kvadrat Self Propelled Air Defence System, which is designated for air defense of the manpower and objects, against enemy aircraft.

The Kvadrat air defense system provides defense against aircraft flying at low and middle heights both at subsonic and supersonic speeds, Sputnik news reported today.

India has asked global vendors to supply approximately 200 missiles for the system. It is evident from the current purchase order that the army would have to continue with Kvadrat.

The army in a document says that missile should be capable of engaging target in range of 24/25 kms with a single shot kill probability of at least 80 percent. The army wants the missile to have minimum 96 percent with delivery from 2018.

The Indian Army has been searching for a replacement of Kvadrat self propelled air defence system for a long time. But it has been unable to find a suitable option for the air defense of 500 vulnerable areas and vulnerable points across the country.

Though initially India wanted to replace it with Akash air defense system, the army finds the indigenous defense system a bit slower and ineffective while on the move. It is considered that the reaction time of Akash is longer and has radar coverage of less than 360 degrees.

Last year, India had issued global tenders to Russia’s Rosoboronexport, Thales and Eurosam (France), Raytheon (US), Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Tetraedr of Belarus, South Korea’s Doosan Group and LIG Nex1, Diehl Defense of Germany and the pan-European MBDA.