Russia Developing Parachute System To Airdrop Armored Vehicle With Personnel Inside

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The Russian Airborne Force will get a new parachute system in 2018, the Bakhcha-UPDS multi-cupola, which can air-drop a BMD-4M infantry fighting vehicle with a seven-member crew inside it.

“This year, the state trials of the Bakhcha-UPDS new parachute system designed to air-drop BMD-4M vehicles and other hardware from military transport planes are coming to a close. These trials are proceeding successfully,” Russian Army’s Airborne Force Commander Colonel-General Andrei Serdyukov told TASS on Monday.

“We are planning to finish this work by the end of the year and somewhere at the beginning of next year this system will become operational and will be primarily arriving in a planned manner for our parachute infantry and high-alert units,” the commander was quoted as saying.

“The BMD-4M is made to be air-droppable and in this vehicle we can parachute seven people,” the commander said adding that special equipment has been installed inside it including special seats for the personnel.

“Immediately after landing, this fighting vehicle with paratroopers inside can accomplish assigned missions, including combat and special assignments. Its ability to quickly leave the parachuting area after landing considerably increases its survivability,” the Airborne Force commander was quoted as saying.

The BMD-4M is equipped with an automated fire control system and a new navigation system. Its advanced targeting equipment facilitates aiming at moving targets while the vehicle itself is moving at high speeds across rough terrain.