Ukraine Modernizes Russian Origin Mi-24 Helicopters

Image about Ukraine Modernizes Russian Origin Mi-24 Helicopters

Ukraine’s state-owned Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant Aviakon has completed modernization of Russian-origin Mi-24 attack helicopters with domestic equipment for the country’s Armed Forces, the press service of the state-owned Ukroboronprom corporation said in a press release Tuesday.

Dubbed Mi-24PU1, the new helicopter equipped with domestic EMS (Emergency medical services) and new voltage regulators designed to increase mobility of ground troops, providing them with fire support on the battlefield.

The deep Mi-24 helicopter modernization program is the result of effective collective work of Ukroboronprom enterprises and strategic international cooperation with partners, the concern said.

In 2016, Mi-24PU1 was upgraded with domestic electronic optical system Adros KT-01AB, providing protection from mobile missile launchers, such as the Igla and Stinger, as well as from air-to-air missiles. The battle helicopters have also been equipped with Ukrainian-produced engines, a powerful 30 mm automatic cannot and various rockets, including very accurate guided anti-tank missiles.

Ukroboronprom also announced modernization of Mi-8 military transport choppers for its armed forces with new weather radar, satellite navigation system and reserve radio station. The concern said 7 units of MI-8MT will be transferred to army aviation by this year end.