South Korean Medium-Range Anti-Tank Guided Missiles Spotted In Yemen War

Yemeni fighters backed by the Saudi armed forces were spotted using a South Korean third generation medium-range anti-tank guided missile (MR-ATGM), ‘Raybolt’ in a video posted on the internet.

The Saudi Army has acknowledged that the video showed that the anti-tank missile was used by the Saudi armed forces against a Houthi vehicle in Saada, Riyadhpost reported Monday.

The ATGM was first spotted in the Yemen war used by the Saudi-backed Fourth Brigade in June this year, according to a report byJanes.

The ATGM is built by ‘LIG Nex1. It has a fire-and-forget capability using an imaging infrared seeker and has a tandem-warhead to defeat explosive reactive armor. It passed the quality tests in June last year.

The South Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has stated last year that it hopes to export the advanced Fire & Forget-type weapon, saying it’s smaller and lighter, but more powerful and effective than similar foreign weaponry, such as Israel’s Spike-MR and the US Javelin.

In addition to South Korea, only the Saudi Arabia has possession of Raybolt ATGM, according to various media reports.