Turkish Aselsan Develops Anti-drone Jammer System

Image about Turkish Aselsan Develops Anti-drone Jammer System

Turkey’s firm Aselsan has developed a new anti-drone jammer system “İHASAVAR ” to combat threats like spying.

Drones are used for purposes such as Reconnaissance against spying and Eavesdropping, disturbance and attack with weapons or IEDs. The jammer system is designed to protect military bases, facilities, high value assets, checkpoints and VIPs against drone attacks by jamming the Remote Control Frequencies, GPS/GLONASS Satellites Navigation Frequencies and Data Link or Telemetry Frequencies of drones.

The system is powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and can operate for 1.5 hours per charge. Its software has the capacity to program over 100 different jamming profiles, according to the company,

Aselsan previously manufacturerd İHTAR anti-drone and jammer system.