Russian Buk-M3 Viking Defense Missile System Has Enhanced Features

Image about Russian Buk-M3 Viking Defense Missile System Has Enhanced Features

Russian state-run Almaz-Antey has released additional data on its latest export-version of Buk-M3 Viking air defense missile system (ADMS).

In March 2018 Rosoboronexport had declared the launch of the international marketing of its Buk-M3 Viking, the newest multi-missile mobile medium-range ADMS from Russia.

“The ‘Viking’ complex preserves the best characteristics of the famous line of the ‘Buk’ air defence missile such as force and infrastructure protection from present-day and future air assault weapons in conditions of radio-electronic countermeasures and firing,” said Rosoboronexport’s Deputy Director General Sergey Ladygin had said during the launch of Viking to international markets.

Viking is the next step in the development of the Buk ADMS line. In comparison with Buk-M2E, its range of fire has increased nearly by 1.5 times – up to 65 kilometers. Besides, the number of simultaneously engaged targets has also increased by 1.5 times, and the number of ready-for-launch air defence guided missiles in one firing position made of two combat units has grown up from 8 to 18, Ladygin had said.

ADMS Viking has a capability of integrating launchers from Antei-2500 ADMS, which provides for the capability of target engagement at a distance up to 130 kilometers and boosts the efficiency of the whole AD grouping. The combat control station of Viking can be integrated with the radars of non-Russian origin. Besides, Viking envisages a capability of the autonomous use of the firing sections, which enlarges the total defended area and increases the number of covered sites.

According to Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant (part of Almaz-Antey concern), the producer of Viking ADMS, released data, Viking is capable of shooting down,

  • Tactical ballistic missiles
  • Cruise missiles
  • Strategic and tactical aviation aircraft
  • High-precision guided weapons
  • Stealth aircraft
  • Ground and surface radar-detected targets
  • Attack helicopters

Viking can simultaneous firing at up to 36 targets flying from any direction and is capable of circular shooting with responsibility sector of each fire channel up to 120º in azimuth and 85 º in elevation.

The ADMS has autonomous combat capability of operation at angle of depression up to 5 º and can be integrated into different air defense formations. It is all-weather, 24-hour operating mode missile defense system and is an effective protection from high-precision weapons. It has a slant range engagement zone of Viking ADMS has been increased half as much compared to that of Buk-M2E system

Technical data

  • Max destruction range, km
  • Stealth aircraft – up to 40
  • Tactical ballistic missiles – up to 25
  • Cruise missiles – up to 20
  • Surface and ground radar-detected targets – up to 15
  • Hovering helicopters – up to 12

Number of the simultaneously engaged targets:

  • By the fire channel (FC-1 or FC-2) – up to 6
  • By the ADMS with al its 6 fire channels – up to 36

Number of missiles:

  • 9A317ME SPFU launcher unit – 6
  • 9A316ME launcher unit – 12

Reaction time:

10 – 12 sec

SAM mass, kg:

  • In transporter-launcher container – 795 kg
  • WiThout TLC – 600 kg

Deployment time from march, min:

  • Not more than 5

Combat assets:

  • Command post 9C510ME
  • Target detection radar
  • Launcher unit
  • Illumination and guidance radar 9C36ME
  • Self-propelled firing unit 9A317ME
  • Surface-to-air missile 9M317ME