Azerbaijan to Acquire Israeli Aeronautics’ Orbiter 1K Drones

Image about Azerbaijan to Acquire Israeli Aeronautics’ Orbiter 1K Drones

Azerbaijan has inked a deal with Israeli firm Aeronautics for Orbiter 1K “suicide” drones.

The two year contract is worth $13 million, The Jerusalem Post reported Sunday.

The Israeli government recently revoked the export licence suspension of Aeronautics allowing it to sell the K1 Orbiter Drone to Azerbaijan.

The suspension had been imposed after Aeronautics attempted to bomb an Armenian military site on behalf of Azerbaijan during a demonstration of its suicide drones outfitted with 1-2 kilogram explosive payload in August 2017, according to a complaint filed with the Israeli Defense Ministry and reported in the local media.

The drone can fly for two to three hours carrying its warhead and an electro-optical/infrared sensor before engaging a target.

According to the company, the drone’s low acoustic signature enables it not to be detectable until two seconds before starting its attack dive. However, if the target has moved or cannot be attacked, an operator can bring the aircraft back to make a safe landing using a parachute and airbag.