No Warranty If Ukraine Repairs Russian-Made Indonesian Military Equipment

Image about No Warranty If Ukraine Repairs Russian-Made Indonesian Military Equipment

Russia has warned Indonesia against placing repair orders of Russian-made military equipment from Ukraine.

According to a document signed by the Deputy Federal Service of the PTS Petukhov, sent to the Chief Marshal of the Air Force, Air Force Commander of Indonesia, dated February 27, 2019 about the placement in Ukraine of aircraft repair orders, including the engines of the AL-31F for the Su-27, Petukhov states that the certification of Ukrainian enterprises for compliance with the current technical documentation was not carried out; “Censor.Net” reported Wednesday.

Separately the letter emphasized that the Russian side “will not be able to bear responsibility for the operation of such aircraft.”

The General Director of Ukrainian state-run Ukroboronprom , Pavlo Bukin in response to the report, said, “Ukraine is a strong player on the market for repairs, airworthiness and airplane modernization, including those developed in other countries, and today Ukroboronprom, at the facilities of the Lutsk Repair Plant, is executing a contract for the repair of aircraft engines for the Air Force of Indonesia, which is why Russia is trying to put pressure on its friends and Ukraine’s partners in Indonesia and other countries, and similar letters are an attempt to push us out of promising international markets.”

He noted that Ukraine possesses the necessary technical documentation for current and major repairs, continuing the fleet resource of military aircraft of a wide range – MiG, Su, Il, Mi. According to him, such rights are not retroactive, and Russia has no legal grounds to require additional licensing from Ukraine.

“With regard to the regulation of military aircraft, each operator-operator establishes its own rules and makes changes to the design. The marker of independence is the sufficiency of the scientific, technical, design and production potential of each country. Therefore, the claims of developers or producers, in this case, Russian, are irrelevant,” Bukin said.

“Repairs shall be carried out in full volume and in accordance with the technology in accordance with the repair documentation in force at the enterprise in accordance with the standards, specifications and other legal basis in force in Ukraine. Before the contract is concluded, the customer representatives must perform the verification of the enterprise, inspect the production capacity, check existing certificates, confirming the legitimacy of repairs and the level of quality standards “, Bukin stated.

He noted that the plant has decided on the import substitution of spare parts. “The enterprise is cooperating with leading Ukrainian aviation factories, design bureaus and institutes, thanks to this cooperation, as well as spare parts that the plant produces on its own, completely repairs aircraft engines for the Ukrainian Air Force and foreign customers,” said Pavel Bukin.

According to Bukin, Lutsk repair factory “Motor” carries out a repair of aircraft engines AL-31F and GTDE-117-1, VKA and all their units and units since 1990.