Russian MoD To Buy Over 100 Upgraded Il-76 Military Aircraft in 10 Years

Image about Russian MoD To Buy Over 100 Upgraded Il-76 Military Aircraft in 10 Years

Russian Ministry of Defense has announced its plan to acquire over 100 Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A military aircraft before 2030.

“This is the main aircraft in Defense Ministry’s plans. Potentially, the MoD plans to buy more than 100 aircraft, and this number will increase if we add flying tankers produced on the basis of this plane,” Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told state news agency TASS Thursday.

In late 2012, Russia signed a contract worth 140 billion rubles ($2.1 billion) with the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) for 39 Il-76MD-90A military transport planes to the Russian Armed Forces.

The first serial Il-76MD-90A military transport plane will be delivered to the MoD next week. “The first serial plane is fully ready. It is expected to be handed over next week,” TASS quoted a source from the Ilyushin company as saying.

Since 2014, no Il-76MD-90A planes have been handed over to the Russian Armed Forces. Prior to that, the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces received two such aircraft as a pre-production delivery.

The Il-76MD-90A is an upgraded version of the IL-76MD, which is based on the IL-76 cargo aircraft platform. The aircraft is developed to transport a range of military equipment, armed personnel, heavy and long size vehicles and cargoes. The latest modification is distinguished by new equipment, including a glass cockpit, modern PS-90A-76 engines, a modified wing and reinforced chassis. Il-76MD-90A is used to develop Il-78M-90A air tanker.