Russia Deploys Forpost Reconnaissance Drones In Crimea

Image about Russia Deploys Forpost Reconnaissance Drones In Crimea

Russia has deployed a squadron of Forpost drone reconnaissance systems in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, Russian news outlet Izvestia reported on Wednesday.

The aircraft belongs to the 318th mixed aircraft regiment of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

The Forpost is a licensed copy of Israel’s Searcher MkII reconnaissance UAV. Earlier this year, it was reported that Russian Ministry of Defense plans to acquire additional Forpost drones that are completely localised, as well as Forpost-M drones that have been upgraded based on combat experience in Syria.

The drones can carry out reconnaissance and provide targeting information for ship missile systems, Bastion coastal systems, and artillery. The drone reconnaissance system includes three aircraft and a ground-based control station. A single drone weighs 500 kg, and can carry 100 kg of cargo and 99 kg of fuel. The drone can accelerate to 200 km/h and has a range of approximately 250km.