New GJ-11 Stealth Combat Drone with Flying Wing Design takes part in China’s National Day Parade

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China’s new Gongji-11 (GJ-11) stealth-capable combat drone having a flying wing design similar to United States’ B-2 strategic bomber, was showcased at the National Day parade on Tuesday.

“Judging from the drone’s aerodynamic design, the GJ-11 is likely to have outstanding stealth capabilities and flying qualities,” Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst, was quoted as saying by Global Times.

Stealth capabilities of the drone could enable it to sneak deep into enemy territory and launch strikes with weapons hidden in its weapons bay on key hostile targets, military analysts were quoted as saying by Chinese state media.

Military observers speculated that the GJ-11 could be the final version of the Sharp Sword (Lijian) stealth drone that made its first test flight in 2013, owing to the similarities between the two drones.

“All weapons on display at the parade are in active service,” said Major General Tan Min, Executive Deputy Director of the Military Parade Joint Command Office, at a press conference last week prior to the parade.

Therefore, the drone’s participation in the event indicates its active induction into the Chinese armed forces.