Ukraine Displays New Supersonic Missiles For Sukhois

Image about Ukraine Displays New Supersonic Missiles For Sukhois

Ukraine presented a new supersonic missile for its Su-27 and Su-24M fighters at the Weaponry and Security 2019 exhibition.

The engineers at the Dnipro-based Yuzhnoye Design Office, who developed the missile “Bliskavka” (lightning) claim it is virtually “impossible to shoot it down,” Dnipro Panorama reports.

The Bliskavka reportedly has a speed of 2,000-2,500 km/h. It will be used by the Su-27 and Su24M aircraft in Ukraine’s Air Force. Only minimal equipment modifications will be required to install them. The missiles can be fitted with high-explosive and piercing warheads.

“Virtually no systems exist today which can provide protection against Bliskavka missiles. For example, Israel’s Iron Dome system can only intercept subsonic missiles,” said Oleh Zhdanov, a military expert.

Ukraine could use the missiles to counter Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and its flotilla in the Sea of Azov, writes uawire.