Mongolia’s First Ever Fighter Jets-Two MiG-29s, To Arrive on Nov 26

Mongolia is set to receive its first ever fighter jets, two MiG-29s, from Russia on the 26th of November (Tuesday).

“Russia will hand over two MiG-29 fighter jets to the Mongolian army. As of now, the country has no military aircraft other than helicopters,” a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Mongolia, was quoted as saying by TASS earlier this week.

The handing over ceremony on Tuesday coincides with Mongolia’s Republic Day, also known as Proclamation Day, commemorating the proclamation of the Mongolian People’s Republic in 1924.

Mongolia is a land-locked country sandwitched between China and Russia. It has good relations with both of its neigbours unlike during the days of Genghis Khan when it had defeated and occupied almost all of its neighbourhood and beyond for centuries.

According to order of battle website Global firepower, Mongolia’s air force has only 6 helicopters and 3 transport planes. Its land forces have 470 tanks, 630 armored fighting vehicles and 300 towed artillery.