Turkey Invites Malaysia for “Hurjet” Combat-Trainer Project as Wedge with US Deepens

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Turkish Aerospace has invited Malaysia to partner it in the production of its home-made Light combat-trainer jet, “Hurjet”, the CEO of the aviation giant Turkish Aerospace said.

Malaysia may contribute to the technology of the aircraft with its plane part production ability, Temel Kotil was quoted as saying in comments to Anadolu Agency.

Kotil said: “We need to find an international partner. It’s a big project, not only for Turkey.” The offer engaged attraction of Malaysia, and we expect a positive approach, he added.

Turkey was said to be in advanced talks with Sierra Nevada Corp (SNC) which was earlier a bidder for the USAF’s TF-X Advanced Jet Trainer competition. In fact, Hurjet’s design, made public in 2018 has similarities to SNC’s T-X project.

The Hurjet was to be powered by a single Williams International FJ44-4M engine. Engines from the FJ44 family power similar aircraft such as the Saab 105, Aero L-39 Albatros and Italian M-345.

Following Turkey’s ouster from the F-35 program, Turkey’s major indigenous defence programs such as the Altay tank, ATAK combat helicopter and Eurosam anti-missile system are facing trouble over US technology in these European defence products.

While Malaysia has no experience in aircraft or engine design and development, it has some expertise in composite design. Recently it has undertaken complex MRO of its Su-30 combat jets.