China Develops 12.7mm Gun for Z-20 helicopters, Combat Vehicles

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China has developed a new Gatling gun with 12.7mm caliber barrels for mounting on its Z-20 utility helicopter, combat vehicles and motor boats.

China is focusing on agility and mobility for its army and marine units in anticipation for assaults on Taiwan and other potential flash-points in the South China Sea and its border with India.

The new gun, a deep upgrade of a previous model, can fire at 2,000 round-per-minute has a cartridge that can hold 400 bullets making it more powerful than regular large-caliber machine guns.

China’s newest Gatling-style machine guns are expected to provide light combat vehicles, motor boats, and helicopters with heavier firepower.

A second new model features six 7.62mm caliber barrels and can shoot 6,000 rounds per minute, China Central Television (CCTV) reported. The weapon is comparable to the US-made Minigun according to CCTV.

It  also has developed the VT-5  light tank and tested in the Tibetan Plateau where it is locked in a border dispute with India in the Ladakh region. Another recent development is the air-droppable armored vehicle which can be dropped from a heavy-lift aircraft into the thick of battle.