Some 23 Russian Pantsir Air Defense Systems Destroyed in Syria, Libya: Reports

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At least 23 Pantsir air defense systems have been destroyed by Turkish Bayraktar TB2 and Anka-S combat drones in Syria and Libya.

Eight more Russian missile systems and 15 combat vehicles were blown up in Middle East conflicts and in Africa respectively, reports Ukraine’s Defense Express.

The figure of military equipment lost will be greater if Israel’s destruction of air defense systems in Syria are included, the report said.

Success of Turkish drones has been attributed to Koral land-based electronic warfare systems and MAM-L guided munitions (used by Bayraktar TB2).

According to reports, lack of skilled operators and flaws in the Russian systems could be the reason behind them not firing at incoming drones.

“The destroyed Pantsir-S1, appeared to be sitting as a lone missile defense battery, leaving it vulnerable to attack. If air defense units are not deployed as part of a network, they’re sitting ducks,” Sitki Egeli, a military expert, told Syria Direct in March, after two of the Russian systems were knocked down.