Russia Kamov Ka-52M Helicopter to Get New 100Km Range Cruise Missile

Russia’s upgraded Kamov Ka-52M gunship will soon be armed with a new cruise missile with a range of 100km.

According to the government’s procurement website, state trials of the missile codenamed ‘item 305’ equipped on the combat helicopter will begin in December of this year, and is scheduled to be completed in September 2022. The rotorcraft will get an interface device for this missile, an airborne launcher and a command radio link to employ the weapon.

The missile arms the Russian military’s Mi-28NM gunship. State media have previously reported that the helicopter armed with ‘item 305’ missile was tested in Syria.

The modernized Ka-52M helicopter will also be furnished with a new round-the-clock sight system, the latest onboard communications and data exchange systems, satellite navigation equipment and other devices.

Upgrade of first two helicopters will be completed around November 2020. The gunships are due to enter flight tests before May 31, 2021.