Pakistan Seen Deploying Unmanned Ground Vehicle Near Indian Border: Media Reports

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Pakistan Army has reportedly deployed “many” unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) near the border close to India.

The UGVs are similar to Russian-made Platform-Ms, according to some media reports.

The Platform-M remotely controlled robot armed with grenade launchers and Kalashnikov rifles. The RPG-26 rocket launcher and 7.62 mm general purpose machine gun can be integrated on the vehicle, which can reach a speed of 25 km per hour and can be directed up to 16 km range with LOS (line of sight) technology.

The UGV can be used for gathering intelligence, discovering and destroying fixed and mobile targets, firepower support, patrol and field protection missions.

It is equipped with optical-electronic and radio reconnaissance locators, which enable the Russian robot to perform combat tasks during the night without unmasking itself. Platform-M is a universal platform that can be supplies with a variety of defensive chassis and weaponry.