Raytheon Scores $35M AIM-9X Sidewinder Missiles Deal

Image about Raytheon Scores $35M AIM-9X Sidewinder Missiles Deal

Raytheon has won a $34.75 million contract to produce around 120 additional AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles.

This modification provides for the production and delivery of 58 additional Lot 20 AIM-9X Block II all up round tactical missiles (29 for the Navy and 29 for the Air Force); and an additional 61 Block II Captive Air Training Missiles (one for the Navy and 60 for the Air Force).

The deal includes provision of additional 35 all up round containers (12 for the Navy and 23 for the Air Force) and one lot of spares assets for the governments of Finland, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Turkey and Poland, Pentagon said in a release Monday.

Work is expected to be completed by July 2023.

The Air Intercept Missile (AIM)-9X Sidewinder  is a triple-threat missile that can be used for air-to-air engagements, surface-attack and surface-launch missions without modifications. The weapon can be armed on F-15 Strike Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F/A-18 Super Hornet, E/A-18G Growler, F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. It is used on the U.S. Army’s Indirect Fire Protection Capability Program on the multi-mission launcher.

According to the U.S. Navy, features a high off-boresight focal-plane array seeker mounted on a highly maneuverable airframe with a greatly improved infrared counter-countermeasures feature. The AIM-9X incorporates many AIM-9M legacy components (rocket motor, warhead and active optical target detector), but its performance far exceeds the legacy Sidewinder. Unlike previous AIM-9 models, the AIM-9X can even be used against targets on the ground.

The AIM-9X Block II missile adds a redesigned fuze and a digital ignition safety device to improve handling and in-flight safety. It’s equipped with updated electronics, including a lock-on-after-launch capability using a new weapon datalink to support beyond visual range engagements.