Ultra Electronics Receives $47M for US Navy’s Software-Defined Surface-Search Radar Systems

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The U.S. Navy has awarded Ultra Electronics a contract valued $42.2 million to produce Next Generation Surface Search Radar (NGSSR) systems.

The modification contract will acquire the first NGSSR production lot following a contract award for design and production of three qualification systems.

The AN/SPS-73(V)18 NGSSR will replace all variants of the current AN/SPS-67, AN/SPS-73, BridgeMaster E series and commercial-off-the-shelf radar systems. The primary objective of NGSSR is to replace legacy systems due to current military threats and obsolescence issues. The system will will perform surface search, periscope detection, and navigational functions. NGSSR will offer ship defense against surface and limited low altitude air threats. NGSSR also addresses risks inherent in operating in littoral waters and vulnerabilities such as submarine attacks.