Three Sri Lankan An-32B aircraft Arrive in Ukraine After Glitch in One Repaired in India

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Three An-32B aircraft of the Sri Lanka Air Force arrived at Kyiv Airport in Ukraine on August 11, 2020, and after customs clearance were transferred to the SE “Plant 410 CA” for a complete repair and overhaul.

One of the aircraft had suffered a technical glitch while on a refueling stop in Goa, India which was repaired by Indian navy engineers.

Life extension and service life extension will be performed by SE “Antonov”, state agency Ukrinmash said in a release.

Earlier, one of the Sri Lankan Air Force An-32 transport aircraft had made an emergency landing at INS in Goa,  India on August 7 after the aircraft suffered a technical glitch following take off from the naval base. The aircraft, part of a three-aircraft formation had landed in Goa for scheduled refueling while on way to Ukraine.

Indian navy Engineers detected the fault and repaired the aircraft after which three aircraft left for Kiev, Ukraine, TOI reported.