Russia to launch Hermes Precision Missile System at Army 2020

Image about Russia to launch Hermes Precision Missile System at Army 2020

Russia’s KBP Instrument Design Bureau will unveil a new generation Hermes precision missile system having a range of up to 100km during Army-2020 Forum scheduled to take place next week.

“During the forthcoming Army-2020 Forum, the KBP Instrument Design Bureau’s display will feature the Hermes high-precision guided missile system with over-the-horizon range of up to 100 km. This is a new-generation system that occupies the niche between precision munitions and artillery missile systems,” spokesperson for Rostec’s High Precision Systems that owns KBP, was quoted as saying by TASS Wednesday.

The Hermes guided weapon system is composed of a combat vehicle, command vehicle, load transporting vehicle, guided missiles and reconnaissance drones.

Hermes has an autonomous missile guidance system of the fire-and-forget type. Hermes guided missiles are capable of being fired from aerial (including drones), land-based and naval platforms.

“The system features the salvo launch mode at several (up to six) scattered targets and automated synchronization of laser guidance for striking targets with a high-precision projectile with miss distance not exceeding 0.5 meters,” the official added.