Brazil Receives All 386 Modernized M113 Armored Vehicles

Image about Brazil Receives All 386 Modernized M113 Armored Vehicles

The Brazilian Army has taken delivery of all 386 upgraded M113 armored vehicles, nearly a decade after the modernization project was launched.

Last of these Armoured Personnel Transport Vehicles were delivered to the 7th Armoured Infantry Battalion, according to local media reports.

The M113 upgrade program dates back to 2010 when Brazil first initiated a program to upgrade 150 M113Bs. American defense contractor BAE Systems was awarded $41.9 million in December 2011 to upgrade 150 M113B vehicles to the M113A2 Mk1 configuration. A follow-on deal was signed in July 2015 worth $55 million to upgrade a further 236 M113s, taking the total to 386.

Under the contract, the vehicle hulls, hatches and ramps are being reused, while all other components, including the engines, transmissions and cooling systems, are being replaced or upgraded. The deal includes adding new Detroit Diesel 6V53T engine developing 265 hp, an Allison TX100-1A cross-drive transmission, Harris FALCON III radios, and Thales SOTAS intercom.