Serial Production Launched of Mi-28NM, Russia’s Deadliest Attack Helicopter

Image about Serial Production Launched of Mi-28NM, Russia’s Deadliest Attack Helicopter

Russian Helicopters has launched serial production of Mi-28NM, the company’s CEO, Andrei Boginsky, said Tuesday.

“Serial production has begun. Under the current defense order we will provide 98 helicopters by 2027. The first two have been delivered for testing already. One is involved in government certification tests, while the other is being used for experiments with new rotor blades that increase speed,” Boginsky was quoted as saying by TASS.

In June 2019, Russia unveiled upgraded Mi-28NM ‘Havoc’ gunship which is a modernized version of Mi-28N ‘Night Hunter.’ The new rotorcraft was developed based on operational experience in Syria.

It is designed to search for and destroy low-speed air targets, tanks, armored and non-armored vehicles as well as enemy manpower in daytime and at night, in all weather conditions.

According to Russian media, the Mi-28NM on-board radar equipment comprises an innovative helmet-mounted imaging and pointing system. The helicopter is equipped with an N025 radar station, which makes it possible to carry out round watch. The upgrade also has a new Electronic Warfare system. The Mi-28N can develop a maximum speed of 300 km/h and its take-off weight exceeds 11 tonnes. The gunship is armed with a 30mm gun and can carry both missiles and rockets.

The Mi-28NM helicopter has a modified fuselage and modernized engines; a radio-electronic onboard system and a target sight system; an auxiliary power plant and equipment for communication with drones.