Kamikaze Drone ‘Alpagu’ to be Deployed with Turkish Security Forces by Year-end

Image about Kamikaze Drone ‘Alpagu’ to be Deployed with Turkish Security Forces by Year-end

Turkish defense company STM announced today it will deliver fixed wing kamikaze drone ‘Alpagu’ to the security forces towards the end of the year.

Alpagu weighs 2kg and has a low radar cross section. It differs with its speed by creating point damage to high-value or important targets. The drone can carry enough explosives to neutralize its target, can operate at very long distances and can be carried easily and used very quickly by a single soldier. Alpagu also provides a significant surprise effect and operational superiority with its artificial intelligence and image processing capabilities, silence, and full delivery of the explosive it carries to the target.

Alpagu can be used by a single soldier, as well as versions that can be fired from multiple launchers over armored vehicles.

Versions of Alpagu to be fired from combat drones such as Bayraktar Akıncı and Anka will be developed. In addition, a 10kg variant of the Alpagu is being planned.

The drone will be able to integrate with unarmed UAV platforms such as Togan, which has remote sensing, image processing and tracking capability. STM is currently delivery rotary wing kamikaze drone Kargu drones to the Turkish security forces. “Developing herd capability on Kargu’s, STM will implement a usage concept in which Alpagu and Kargu can be used for different types of missions in the same herd,” the company said.