Russia’s Tigr-based C2 Vehicles Pass Field Tests

Image about Russia’s Tigr-based C2 Vehicles Pass Field Tests

Russian Army’s mobile Command and Control (C2) posts, based on Tigr (Tiger) light vehicles, passed field tests recently.

The Russian Armed Forces have tested for the first time during the field tactical exercises the brand-new command and control (C2) vehicle based on the TIGR 4×4 multipurpose all-terrain armoured vehicle.

“The latest armored command posts based on the TIGR vehicle were for the first time used in the Far East during a series of tactical exercises with units of motorized rifle formations of the Eastern Military District at training ranges in the Amur Region. The newly arrived vehicles provided stable, secure communications during troop command and control and proved to be good in off-road conditions. The use of new command posts enabled the commanders to continuously control the troops, including on the move, and also provided the necessary protection for the commanders,” Russian MoD reported on October 5.

According to the ministry, the vehicles are fitted with modern telecommunication equipment, that allows secured video conferencing, telephone communication and data transmission not only on location, but also on the move.

TIGR is a 4×4 multipurpose all-terrain infantry armoured vehicle manufactured by the Military Industrial Company LLC (MIC LLC), a major developer and producer of the wheeled armoured vehicles (BTR-82A, Boomerang etc.). Currently the Russian Armed Forces are in the process of receiving AMN 233114 TIGR-M and ASN 233115 TIGR-M SpN versions with new Russian-made YaMZ-5347-10 engine (215 hp). Many improvements aimed at improving its performance, reliability, ergonomics and security were made, the producer says. It can carry up to 9 people in the cabin. MIC positions TIGR as an easy-to-operate vehicle with a high degree of reliability and mobility, as well as with the required level of protection.

TIGR used by both Russian Armed Forces and numerous other countries. Various radar, missile and other systems have also been developed on the basis of TIGR – for example, Kornet-EM ATGM, Gibka-S SAM, Arbalet-DM remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) etc. In the spring 2020 the Russian MoD reported the successful interception by TIGR-mounted Arbalet-DM RCWS of a ‘helicopter target’ during the special forces’ exercises in the Southern Russia.

The producer Military Industrial Company is also offering at the market a range of nonmilitary commercial modifications of TIGR vehicles. On Wednesday MIC reported about restructuring its work with foreign customers during COVID 19 pandemics.

“Unlike recently, the warehouse of the enterprise always has a certain amount of the most demanded complete set of armored vehicles of the TIGR family on the market. These vehicles are ready for immediate shipment if there is an urgent request for their delivery, the customer does not need to waste time waiting for their production, as it was before. The vehicles can be shipped immediately upon completion of all Russian export formalities,” said the Military Industrial Company.