Russia to Win An Order for VPK-Ural Armored Vehicles from Middle East Country

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Russia will sign an export contract for VPK-Ural armoured vehicles with a Middle East country.

If signed, the first of the ordered vehicles will be delivered to the unnamed customer by the end of this year. The vehicles are already being tested by the customer.

We hope we will successfully sign everything and by the end of the year we will already be able to start delivering a batch of armored cars. The machine has been successfully tested at a test site on the territory of a potential customer from the Middle East (…). Also, no complaints arose during multi-day tests in the desert with heat up to 45 degrees Celsius,” general director of “VPK” Alexander Krasovitsky was quoted as saying by

The Russian military have also expressed interest in the armored vehicle and tested them in the Kavkaz-2020 exercise.

The 4×4 VPK-Ural was first presented at the Army-2019 international military-technical forum. Weighing 14,500 kg, the vehicle has a range of 1000km and speed of 100kmph. It is powered by a 360 HP YaMZ-536 turbocharged diesel engine.

VPK-Ural is designed to carry 12 people in full gear. Mine protection provides protection against an explosive device equivalent to 6kg of TNT. Special anti-traumatic seats with seat belts are installed. Armament is set depending on the tasks to be solved.