United States’ Arms Exports Totaled $175.08 billion in 2020, up 2.8% Over 2019

Image about United States’ Arms Exports Totaled $175.08 billion in 2020, up 2.8% Over 2019

United States arms exports (including both government-managed and commercial) rose 2.8 percent from $170.09 billion in 2019 to $175.08 billion in fiscal 2020, the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced Friday.

Making the announcement, DSCA Director Heidi Grant and R. Clarke Cooper, Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs detailed the U.S. arms transfers figures are as follows:

Foreign Military Sales (FMS) totaled $50.78 billion, raising the three-year rolling average to $54 billion.

This comprised approximately:

$44.79 billion in arms sales under the FMS program funded by Allies and partners nations;

$3.30 billion under the Title 22 Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program;

$2.69 billion under Title 10 Foreign Assistance Act or Building Partner Capacity (BPC) programs.

Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) totaled $124.3 billion.

We’re increasingly expanding our sales, moving beyond standard U.S. programs of record, and offering a rising number of non-program of record systems, which are opportunities to integrate ally and partner nation systems into the U.S. platforms,” Grant said.

“By moving beyond standard U.S. programs of record, and U.S. inventory, including these systems that are newly developed but not yet deployed by U.S. forces, we’re enhancing our ability to respond quickly and consistently to our international partners,” she added.

The arms sales figures do not include DSCA approvals such as the $23 billion mega deal for F-35 jets, MQ-9A drones and ammunition recently green-lighted for the United Arab Emirates. It will be included only after a sale agreement is concluded between the US and UAE governments besides the contractor(S).

In addition to arms sales, other revenue generation activities for the Pentagon include:

The United States trained over 31,000 foreign military students in Department of Defense schoolhouses.

DSCA component the Institute for Security Governance conducted 214 advising activities as part of ongoing multi-year programs with 38 priority Allies and partner-nations and 17 education events with 401 international students from 70 countries.

DSCA’s Ministry of Defense Advisors Program deployed 55 advisors to 13 Ally and partner nations.