Russia’s Kalashnikov Starts Serial Production of New Strela-10M ADS Missiles

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Russia’s Kalashnikov said today that it has launched serial production of new 9M333 guided missiles for Strela-10M mobile air defense systems.

The company said field tests of the missile were completed at Donguz test site at Orenburg Region.

The new fire-and-forget missile’s distinguishing feature is a self-homing warhead operating in three modes – optical contrast, infrared and anti-jamming – providing key advantage over other weapons of the same class.

The 9M333 missile is capable of hitting low-flying planes and helicopters amid optical jamming, as well as drones and cruise missiles.

The Strela-10 system uses 9M37 surface-to-air missile that weighs 41kg and carries a 5kg Frag-HE warhead. It has an operational range of 5km, max altitude of 3500m and can attain speed of 550m/s.