Sukhoi Upgrading Superjet 100 with Domestic Engine, Avionics

Image about Sukhoi Upgrading Superjet 100 with Domestic Engine, Avionics

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is working on a new version of the country’s first passenger aircraft, Superjet 100, under its SSJ New Project.

Under the project, foreign-made systems and components of the aircraft will be replaced with domestic ones, including jet engines. The new Superjet will be powered by Russian PD-8 engine.

Some of these domestic systems are already undergoing tests, Rostec said in a statement.

“Superjet” was created in deep cooperation of the domestic aviation industry with foreign companies. In the early 2000s, most domestic manufacturers of systems and avionics were not yet ready to supply components for the SSJ100, which could be certified according to tougher aviation regulations, including foreign ones.

Integration into international cooperation contributed to the development of the domestic aviation industry. Digitalization was developed, promising production technologies were introduced, experience was gained in joint development in broad international cooperation with leading developers of aviation systems, interaction with leasing companies was worked out, the company said.

Rostec added that local development of PD-14 engines and avionics for MC-21-310 aircraft pushed it to make a decision to develop the SSJ NEW aircraft. Some of the equipment will be unified with the latest Russian MS-21 airliner.