Russia’s Proposed Aircraft Carrier to Have Ski Jump, Electromagnetic Catapult Launch

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The Russian Navy’s proposed nuclear powered aircraft carrier will have both ski-jump and an electromagnetic catapult launch system.

According to Alexei Rakhmanov, General Director of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), the proposed carrier will be designed to work with both legacy aircraft which require a ski jump and future warplanes that will use the catapult launch system.

“I am convinced that the implementation of the project to create an aircraft carrier (and its air group) can lead to a technological breakthrough for more than 10 years in many segments of the economy and industry. In addition to shipbuilding, also in aircraft construction, mechanical engineering, nuclear technology, instrumentation, IT, weapons production, metallurgy and metalworking,” Rakhmanov said during an interview with defense ministry-owned Zvezda TV channel.

The Manatee project to build the warship was prepared by Nevsky PKB. The Russian Navy currently has only one aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov.