Russia’s Boomerang Armored Vehicle can be fitted with Foreign Combat Modules

Image about Russia’s Boomerang Armored Vehicle can be fitted with Foreign Combat Modules

Russia’s Boomerang (Bumerang) armored vehicle can be equipped with foreign-made combat modules, a top official of Military Industrial Company (VPK), manufacturer of the vehicle, said.

“We see the possibility of equipping Bumerang chassis with foreign-made combat modules, we see no problem about this. Naturally, a foreign module should be adjusted with the participation of our specialists,” he told TASS in the run-up to an international defense exhibition, IDEX 2021, to be held in UAE’s Abu Dhabi on February 21-25.

Boomerang 8×8 VPK 7829 combat vehicle was developed by Russia’s VPK company in two configurations: 25-ton K17 Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) and 22-ton amphibious APC designated K-16. Intended to replace heeled combat vehicles such as the BTR80, Boomerang represents a new approach in all aspects – a new chassis, more ground clearance, and significantly higher vehicle, new armor, and new armament.

Boomerang has an operating range of 800 km. It is powered by a new, 750 HP digitally controlled diesel engine developed by the Yaroslavl Engine Plant. It is coupled to an automatic transmission. It has a road speed of 100 km/h and 50 km/h offroad. On amphibious operation, the Boomerang can swim at a speed of 10 km/h.

Each vehicle is manned by a crew of three – a commander, gunner, and driver. It can carry eight troops with their combat loads.

Unlike the side access doors used on the BTR 80, the Boomerang uses a rear access ramp, similar to western and BMP-type Russian APCs. Access hatches are also available on the top. Both versions use passive protection comprising a combination of steel and composite/ceramic armor. Laser detectors and instant multi-spectral smoke dischargers offer a form of ‘soft’ active protection, enabling the vehicle to maneuver under the smoke cover to avoid the hit. Multiple video cameras are mounted around the vehicle providing a 360-degree vision for the crew.

The K-16 APC is armed with a combat module with a large-caliber (12.7-mm) machine gun while K-17 BMP is equipped with an Epoch combat module equipped with a 30-mm autocannon and a coaxial rifle (7.62-mm) machine gun as well as “Kornet” anti-tank missiles. The K-17 can also be equipped with the Afganit hard Kill countermeasures that utilizes radars to detect the threat, and launches blast-fragmenting countermeasures to intercept anti-tank missiles, anti-tank projectiles (including kinetic) and rockets at ranges of 4-200 meters from the vehicle.