Russian Military to Receive New Kalashnikov Submachine Guns in 2021

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Kalashnikov Group will begin deliveries of the new 9-mm PPK-20 submachine guns to the Russian military this year.

“PPK-20 supplies have not yet taken place; they are planned in 2021,” Kalashnikov CEO Dmitry Tarasov told TASS at the IDEX-2021 international defense exhibition.

The latest PPK-20 submachine gun was developed on the basis of Vityaz-SN submachine gun. “Differences from the Vityaz are the reworked firing mechanism, the more advanced butt-stock, the silencer and the new switch,” he added.

The weapon passed state trials in 2020.

The PPK-20 includes a belt with one-and two-point fastening on the submachine-gun. A bag made of the material with the digital camouflage color was introduced into its accessories to carry magazines, fastening devices, noiseless fire devices, an adapter, clips and a gun oiler.