UAE to Supply SkyNight Air Defence Missile System to Germany’s Rheinmetall

Image about UAE to Supply SkyNight Air Defence Missile System to Germany’s Rheinmetall

U.A.E.’s Halcon, owned by Edge Group, will supply its first locally manufactured SkyNight air defense missiles to Germany’s Rheinmetall AG.

“Edge Group has been developing its own short-range air defense system, as has Germany-based Rheinmetall AG, which was actively seeking a missile system to form part of its Skynex air defense system. The companies decided to jointly offer a solution, with Halcon providing SkyKnight, the missile system to the highly regarded Oerlikon Skynex Air Defense System,” Halcon CEO Saeed Al Mansoori was quoted as saying by local media.

SkyNight missile system is the U.A.E.’s first air defense missile. It is designed to provide early warning signals and counter threats from hostile aircraft, drones, artillery, mortar and rockets at a range of 10 km.

H.E. Faisal Al Bannai, EDGE Group CEO and Managing Director said: “We are pleased to team up with Rheinmetall, a leading player in the defence industry, for us to jointly offer the world’s most advanced and comprehensive  counter-rocket, artillery, and mortar (C-RAM) solution leveraging our SkyKnight missile and Rheinmetall’s Skynex solution.”

The Oerlikon Skynex system comprises the Oerlikon Skynex control node, multi-sensor units (MSU) featuring active electronically scanned multi-mode radars (AMMR), multiple 35mm revolver guns RG Mk3 and HALCON’s SkyKnight C-RAM missiles and missile launchers, each of which has a capacity of 60 missiles.