French DGA Orders 367 MICA NG Missiles

Image about French DGA Orders 367 MICA NG Missiles

The French General Directorate of Armaments (DGA) has acquired 367 MICA NG missiles from MBDA to arm its Rafale fighter jets under ~€1.8 billion MICA NG program.

The contract was signed on March 5, 2021. These missiles will be delivered from 2028 to 2031.

In addition to the 367 operational Mica NG missiles, this new order includes the supply of 150 Mica NG force training vehicles. It also covers pyrotechnic renovation of part of the fleet of current Mica missiles in order to allow their use until 2030 by all aircraft which already carry or will carry the Mica (Rafale all standards, Mirage 2000-5, Mirage 2000D refurbished).

Launched under the 2019-2025 Military Programming Law (LPM), the Mica NG program provides for a total of 567 missiles, including 200 already ordered by the DGA from MBDA at the end of 2018, for deliveries from 2026. In total, the Mica NG program represents an investment of around €1.8 billion at 2018 economic conditions, the French Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

MICA NG missiles will replace MICA air-to-air missiles scheduled to be phased out of service by 2030.

The MBDA MICA (Missile d’interception, de combat et d’autodéfense, “interception, combat and self-defence missile”) is an anti-air multi-target, all weather, fire-and-forget short and medium-range missile system. It is intended for use both by air platforms as individual missiles as well as ground units and ships, which can be equipped with the rapid fire MICA Vertical Launch System. In 2007, a MICA launched from a Rafale successfully demonstrated its over-the-shoulder capability by destroying a target behind the launch aircraft. The target was designated by another aircraft and coordinates were transmitted by Link 16.