Turkey’s 105 mm light howitzer ‘Boran’ Set to Enter Mass-Production

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Turkey’s air portable 105 mm light towed howitzer (LTH), ‘Boran,’ is being prepared for mass-production and seven pilot units are set to be delivered (to the Turkish Army) in June this year.

Made by Turkish Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (MKEK), the howitzer has an effective firing range of 17 km (10.56 miles) and can fire six shots in a minute, MKEK announced  in Ankara  during the inauguration of a new Rocket  and Explosives factory on Thursday last.

The Boran 105 mm features a bow type carriage, and fires 105 mm/30 calibre ordnance. It has a variable recoil system that varies from 800 mm (short) to 120 mm (long), and the barrel is provided with a muzzle brake.

Weighing 1,710 kg, the ‘Boran’ LTH can be carried slung under a helicopter such as the Sikorsky S-70. The system is operated by a crew of five.

According to MKEK, it can be prepared to fire in a mere  60 seconds. It has an onboard computerized fire control system (FCS) and a land navigation system. A muzzle velocity radar is mounted above the 105 mm ordnance and feeds information into the FCS. The FCS is supported by GPS and a Panoramic Cannon Binocular.

The ‘Boran’ is taking aim at the international light howitzer market currently dominated by the BAE Systems’ M777. Models of the howitzer have been displayed  at several internationa exhibitons since 2019.